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7 travel hacks for the perfect family vacation

family vacationfamily vacation
family vacationfamily vacation


7 travel hacks for the perfect family vacation

Going on an adventure with your children can be both a thrilling and daunting experience. When travelling with young children, there are so many things that can go wrong. As we all know, children can be restless and dramatic when things don’t go their way. But that's not always the case. Family time can also be filled with priceless memories and endless joy.

So, if you’re planning a getaway with the family, fear not. We have all the tips you need. Below are informative tips on how you can take your child to any vacation with no hassles.


Choose a child-friendly place

If you want your child to experience an exceptional family holiday, you need to choose a destination they will love. It won’t help to choose a place that doesn't spark an interest or have any sort of entertainment for them. For instance, choosing a place with warm weather can be an advantage as you can spend time exploring the outdoors with your children.

If your children are old enough, you can find out where they would like to go. This will also excite them. Always remember that this is a family vacation, and everyone must be eager.


Plan things on time

When planning a vacation, you need to book flights and hotel reservations in advance. This will prevent you from running around and trying to squeeze everything in at the last minute.

So, preparing ahead of time will allow you to have peace of mind as everything will work out smoothly. And if things don’t, you still have time to sort any issues out. A helpful tip is to create a vision board of all the activities and places you’re interested in visiting.

Creating a vision board will help you have a visual representation of your plans, and it can also create excitement for the trip. Always remember that the planning stage is the first fun part of travelling, so make sure it is an enjoyable experience rather than a headache.


Keep your documents where you can see them

During the rush of packing and booking in at the airport, place all your documents in an area where you can see them. This will ensure that you don’t forget them, but also keep in mind that you need to place them away from your children. The last thing you want is to lose an important document the day before – or even worse – when you need to check-in.


Have travel protection

If you often travel overseas, then travel cover is extremely important for you and your family. When travelling, many unforeseen events can occur, and unfortunately, it is out of our control. These are the things you need to think about as a parent. Having insurance cover gives you the peace of mind that your family is protected when travelling. Many insurance companies in South Africa offer affordable cover for you and your loved ones. So, do your research and shop around for an option that suits your budget.


Always have snacks

Hungry children are never happy! So, make sure you bring a few healthy snacks for them to nibble on. There can be a delay at the airport or the hotel, and it is always best to stay one step ahead. When packing snacks, try and shy away from anything with high sugar content.


Pack in their favourite toys and gadgets

Children can get bored when they’re in one place for too long. To ensure it doesn’t become an issue, bring a few toys and gadgets along with you on the trip. That way, they have games to keep them company when they’re on the road or in the aeroplane. If you’re planning a road trip, try and think of a few games such as “I spy” that you can play together as a family. This will help you bond with your children, and keep their mind off the road.


Keep your child’s sleeping routine in mind when travelling

When going on a trip, always keep your child’s routine in mind. For some, travelling at night can be perfect, as your child will sleep right through. But there will be times when they’re awake. Try and keep your child’s routine simple to ensure you avoid any complications.

If you’re planning on travelling in the evening, give your child a bath and prepare them for bed. That way, you’re preparing them for bedtime. If you’re planning on travelling during the day, make sure they are fed and have had time to play before they get onto the plane. By doing this, you aren’t disrupting they’re routine that much, making it easier for them to adjust.


Final thoughts

Travelling with small children isn’t impossible, you just need to prepare yourself. Talk to your kids and make them understand where they are going. Children love exploring, so use that to your advantage. And, unfortunately, there will be a time when they’re restless. But let children be children. Don’t make the trip unbearable; let them go through the emotions.

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