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Top tips to mentally prepare yourself for travelling



Top tips to mentally prepare yourself for travelling

Travelling is fun, but for most people, it can cause severe anxiety. There is a lot of planning that comes with going on vacation, and many people experience stress when they are uncertain of what lies ahead. Most times, it’s due to the planning aspect or the fear of flying.

Trips are meant to be a memorable experience, so here are seven ways to help you prepare:


Do extensive research

Do your homework when planning to travel. Today, information is available at the tip of your fingers, so make use of Google for any questions you might have. If you plan on travelling to Mahe or any other island, for instance, make sure you’ve researched any go-to-know tips. 

(You never know how these tips might save you from an uncomfortable or challenging situation.) Although travelling to a new place can be nervewracking, Googling all the reasons to visit Mahe will heighten your excitement and prepare you for your trip.


Have a list of everything you need

When going on a trip – whether it’s by yourself or with loved ones – always have a list of items you need to take with you. Making a mental note alone won’t help you, instead, have a notebook and jot down everything you plan on doing. Having a to-do list can help you mentally prepare beforehand. And a clear plan on what your whereabouts will be will also lower your anxiety as everything is under control and has been planned accordingly.


Pack your bags ahead of time

There is nothing more stressful than packing your clothes a day before your trip. Do yourself a favour and pack a week before your vacation. Life gets busy, and sometimes we don’t get time to go to the store unless it’s over the weekend. If you push out your planning till the last day, you might leave without everything you need. And that can also spike up your anxiety.


Plan out your check-in day

One effective way of calming yourself down is having everything planned for the airport. Checking in can be very stressful and tiring, especially when you don’t have a plan.

Since you have packed all your things a few days in advance, make sure your documents are neatly packed where you can see them. The next step to having a stress-free check-in is by leaving your house two hours before the time. This way, you’re able to make it on time regardless of any traffic or accidents. This will give you one less thing to worry about.


Find someone to take care of your pets and home

One of the things that may be worrying you is your pets and home.

When you leave for a vacation, you will need to leave your pets behind. If that's the case, ask a trusted family relative or friend to visit your house while you’re away.

By doing this, you know that your furry friends are well taken cared of. It’s hard to feel delighted about your trip if you're leaving your pets alone, and they will get lonely and need to be fed. If you have a dog and normally take it for walks, your relative or friend will need to take it out on walks. That way, the dog can get fresh air and exercise while you’re away.


Appreciate the journey

When travelling, you need to appreciate every moment. Travelling is a big deal, and some people are unable to achieve this experience, so be proud of yourself. All the efforts to securing the trip shouldn’t go unnoticed, and your fears shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it.

Travelling is about new experiences and exploring different cultures, so don’t forget that.

Have an open mind when you meet people. Be friendly and socialise because you never know who you may end up meeting and how they might change your life.


Be easy on yourself

Lastly, be easy on yourself. If you’re feeling anxious, just take a moment to breathe. You can prepare for your vacation, and there will still be a time when you get anxious. And that’s okay. It is normal to get nervous and stressed from time to time, so don’t be hard on yourself. Just acknowledge your feelings at that moment, then move on from them and enjoy your trip.