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How renewable electricity can benefit your business’s bottom line

renewable electricityrenewable electricity
renewable electricityrenewable electricity


How renewable electricity can benefit your business’s bottom line

Renewable energy has been a buzzword for quite some time now, and with good reason. Many businesses have been looking for profitable ways to be more sustainable without losing on profits, and solar electricity seems to be the best way to go. 

Focusing on environmental practices can mean many things for your company. It can help you attract potential clients, help you save costs, and give you a competitive advantage. So, in this article, we’ve gone further into explaining how alternative electricity sources can benefit your company and help your business's bottom line. 


A lower energy bill 

As a business owner, electricity for your business is vital. But, we cannot avoid the fact that electricity bills can rack up fast. This can especially be expensive for medium to big sized companies as they have larger production. 

However, you don’t need to pay a high bill every month. Instead, you can curb this expense by installing renewable electricity like solar power, hydroelectricity, wind energy, geothermal energy or any energy alternatives. When you use alternative sources of energy, you’ll begin to see a significant drop in your electricity bills. Of course, this will depend on the capacity of the solar panel, but it will still make a vast improvement. Now, you’ll not only have peace of mind knowing that you don't have a hefty energy bill at the end of each month, but you also know that you're also partly helping the planet rather than destroying it further. 


Protects you from unseen problems in the future 

With the current strain Eskom is under, it is no secret that load shedding won’t be a distant memory anytime soon. Now, when you have solar panels or any other energy system, you’ll no longer need to be reliant on Eskom. Instead, your business will continue to run smoothly during load shedding or any unforeseen issues with electricity, like electricity inflation. Now, this is one ideal way to ensure your business’s bottom line is no longer affected by external sources.


Win over customers with green initiatives 

Nowadays, customers know a lot more than they did in the past. They know what impact they have on a business, and they know their worth. According to the Entrepreneur South Africa, consumers prefer to purchase or support a business which practises sustainability. Now, this is something you, as a business owner, can use to your advantage. 

All you need to do is show your consumers and potential ones that your business aims to utilise green power and show outstanding corporate citizenships. Corporate citizenship refers to your company’s social, cultural and environmental responsibility to your community. So, show your customers that you not only care about your business's bottom line but that you also care about the environment and neighbouring communities’ wellbeing. And that you don't want your business to put other or the climate in jeopardy. 


A helpful way to improve ROI 

Every business owner understands the vitality of return on investments for any business. Well, did you know that renewable energy can help you improve your ROI? Well, it can. For example, let’s say you've been using renewable energy for a year. Not only will you be saving energy, but you will be cutting down the yearly cost of running your business. This is especially beneficial for big companies as their return will be even bigger. You will also save on electrical repairs or maintenance. For example, the price of electricity increase yearly and that's money you could have saved if you had renewable energy. 


Have a competitive advantage in your industry

Every business owner wants to be seen as an innovative leader in their field. And what better way to do that than to make strategic and wise decisions that will help your business surpass its competition. If your industry hasn't jumped on the renewable energy bandwagon, why not be the first. This will ensure your competitors take your lead and you'll be remembered as the first business who took the plunge. This will also look good for your business and will make consumers take you seriously. This is because they can see that you are a leader who takes risks and initiatives.


Have a better and effective marketing approach

Every business wants to find new and improved ways to attract customers or clients. With so many competitive businesses, it can be difficult to be seen in the crowd. However, it's not impossible, especially with the right marketing approach. One thing that will never stop attracting consumers and potential clients is by showing them your business caters to their needs of wanting to make conscious purchases. Being sustainable can be something you can utilise in your marketing approach, which in turn will lead to increased sales, especially if you're trying to attract Millennials and Generation Z. 


Final thoughts 

As you can see, finding alternative renewable energy sources is what’s best for your business. Companies are butting heads that it’s vital you show your difference to the consumer, and that can be done with incorporating sustainability. And, you don’t have to take big steps, you can start slowly. Just make sure you keep your marketing in check so that your potential customers can see the strides that you’re taking. 


renewable electricity