Rethink Business for a Modern Africa

It’s Time for Africa - Joshua Chimakula Ngoma
It’s Time for Africa - Joshua Chimakula Ngoma

Rethink Business for a Modern Africa

Developing Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs at Enterprising African Regional Network (EARN).

Discover "It’s Time for Africa" by Joshua Chimakula Ngoma

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A Journey into Africa's Heart and Future

In his transformative book, “It’s Time for Africa,” EARN Founder & Chief Enabler, Joshua Chimakula Ngoma takes you on an extraordinary journey through Africa's rich history, diverse cultures, and promising future. Published in May 2024, this captivating exploration offers a fresh perspective on Africa’s potential and its vibrant people.

Meet the Author

Joshua Chimakula Ngoma, a renowned social entrepreneur and development specialist, shares his unique insights into Africa’s journey and future. Through themes of leadership, education, technology, and environmental stewardship, Ngoma provides a roadmap for Africa’s economic development.

What’s Inside

From the personal stories in the preface to the visionary foreword, the book unravels the intricate layers of African history and culture. It highlights innovative solutions and practical strategies for economic growth, showcasing how Africa’s resilient people hold the key to a brighter future.

Fresh Insights for Economic Growth

Ngoma focuses on the potential for economic development through:

Diversifying Economies: Reduce reliance on a single sector and promote sustainable growth.

Embracing Open Markets: Stimulate innovation and efficiency.

Fostering Innovation: Drive significant economic growth and attract foreign investments.

Promoting Collaboration: Unlock value through partnerships among government, private entities, and non-profits.

Leveraging Technology: Boost productivity and competitiveness in the global market.

A Blueprint for Leaders

Policymakers and business leaders can benefit immensely from this book by implementing diversification strategies and fostering innovation. Building a stronger middle class and creating high-quality jobs will improve living standards and fuel economic growth through higher consumer spending.

Support a Great Cause

All proceeds from the book’s sales fund EARN’s entrepreneurship and innovation programmes, helping to develop the next generation of African future business leaders.

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Explore Africa’s past, understand its present challenges, and envision a remarkable future with “It’s Time for Africa.” Join the movement towards equitable prosperity and be part of Africa's transformation.

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About EARN

Enterprising Africa Regional Network Proprietary Limited (“EARN”) is a South African registered private for-profit but purpose-driven organisation. Established in 2014, EARN’s overriding goal is to create a global impact through the development of a new generation of successful young African entrepreneurs from different backgrounds who would develop and run successful and sustainable global businesses to create jobs and bring about prosperity. EARN aims to work with these young people to identify opportunities and then develop and run successful businesses around them.