DR Congo

DR Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

The DRC was previously known as the Republic of Zaire and is geographically the largest state in Southern and Central Africa.  The DRC lies in the middle of Africa on the Equator.  There are a number of rivers running through the country, the Congo River being the largest.  More than 50% of the DRC is covered by a dense tropical rainforest, adding to its tropical climate.

French is the official language, with another four national languages, being Lingala, Kingwana, Kikongo and Tshiluba.

The economy is mainly based on the mining sector, with the country’s mineral resources including copper, cobalt, cadmium, petroleum, industrial and gem diamonds, gold, silver, zinc, amongst others.  Agriculture plays an important role with cash crops comprising of coffee, palm oil, rubber, cotton, sugar, tea and cocoa.

With the dense rain forests, wildlife and rivers offering important investment opportunities, development of eco-tourism and the construction of hotels is on the increase.  The DRC has seven major national parks :

  • Virunga
  • Kahuzi-Biega
  • Garamba
  • Maiko
  • Kundelungu
  • Upemba
  • Salonga

The DRC’s attractive beauty, varied culture and many attractions make it a great tourist destination.

When the political situation is stable, the DRC makes for an unforgettable holiday.  It is always best to research what the political climate in the country is before booking holidays.  In recent times, all has been well here.

The people are warm, friendly and very welcoming to those visiting.  The animals found are rare and in the case of the bonobos and okapi, not found anywhere else on earth.  Summit active volcanoes, and see a lava lake in the crater of the Nyiragongo for some exciting things to do!


  • Virunga National Park
  • Mount Nyiragongo
  • Congo River
  • Bonobo

‚ÄčThe DRC is an amazing place to visit and should be on anyone's itinerary wanting to see something truly unique about Africa!

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