Burundi, The Heart of Africa

Discover the four corners of Burundi! Climb on top of our hills, walk through our rain forests, navigate our lakes and sunbathe on our beaches. Burundi is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable vacation! Temperatures range from 28⁰C /82⁰ F along the clear, fresh waters of Lake Tanganyika in the lowlands of Bujumbura, but just an hour away in the central plateau region, temperatures average 20⁰C/68⁰ F. The highest mountain areas are cooler, averaging 16⁰C/60⁰ F.

The Burundian drummers known as Abatimbo in Kirundi play the sacred drums, which are an integral part of the rich Burundian cultural heritage.

You may also catch sight of our elegant female dancers who will leave you dreaming. Enjoy more the creativity of our craftsmen in age-old crafts such as basketry, pottery, sculpture and painting continue to tell a tale on Burundian traditions and culture that has been handed down through generations,

Moreover, you will enjoy the diversity of our cuisine, whose signature dish has been the unmistakable taste of the mukeke, a unique fish found only in the Lake Tanganyika. And since Bujumbura is a multi-cultural city that brings together people from not only rural Burundi, but also from neighbouring countries and others from further afield, the city prides itself in offering a culinary experience that is influenced by all these diverse peoples and cultures. There is much to see, do and enjoy during your stay in Burundi!


There are more than a hundred hotels in Burundi, more than a half is located in Bujumbura. There are a wide variety of hotels, either international standards hotels but also average size hotels offering good quality services.
Other structures for accommodations with favorable terms for long stays such as guest houses, motels, and furnished apartments are available throughout Burundi. It has inherited from its European colonial past gourmets’ savoir faire.


Bujumbura offers several gourmet restaurants with high level cuisine from among others Belgium, France, Greece and Italy. Burundian traditional cuisine varies according to the locations whether visiting urban or rural areas.

In the capital, there are good quality restaurants where one can savor the traditional Burundian cuisine. Up-country, the cuisine varies according to each area’ specialties and agriculture. You must note that numerous hotels have good restaurants with an international cuisine which can attract the guests ‘interest or curiosity.

Some hotels and restaurants in the Kiriri district have an unimpeded outlook on the capital.

Unique Landscapes

1. Lake Tanganyika
2. Karera Water Falls
3. Germans' faults
4. Unexplored Cave of Kayove
5. Muhweza Hot springs
6. Teza Thea Plantation

Parks and Protected Areas

7. Kibira National Parc
8. Ruvubu National Parc

Cultural Tourism

9. Gishora Sacred Drum
10. Rubumba Tourist and Cultural Village
11. Kiganda Treaty
12. The Intore Warrios, Kirundo
13. Agasimbo Acrobatic Dancers, Makamba

Monuments & Museums

14. Source of the Nile
15. Livingstone Rock
16. Vugizo Historical Monument 
17. Gitega National Museum 
18. Bujumbura Live Museum 

Leisure Activities

19. Bird Watching, Lake Rwihinda 
20. Water Sports, Lake Tanganyika

Bujumbura Scuba Diving


Information courtesy of Burundi Tourism