General Information

Although Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in the Southern hemisphere, it is packed with a large variety of things to do and see.  Culture and heritage are very important in all aspects of Swazi life, making sure that visiting this amazing country will be an unforgettable experience for any visitor.  The friendliness of the local people makes visitors feel welcomed and safe, along with the beautiful landscapes and wildlife reserves, Swaziland should be the destination for any holiday.

The country is a monarchy, ruled by a King who is the head of state and he then appoints the prime minister and representatives of both chambers of parliament.  The elections are held every five years to determine the majority of the house of assembly.

A geological fault runs through Swaziland from the Drakensberg Mountains of Lesotho, through the Eastern highlands of Zimbabwe, Kenya and peters-out in Turkey.

Activities and Attractions

With a mixture of the various landscapes, fascinating wildlife and rich culture Swaziland’s activities and attractions holds no boundaries.  The diversity of the landscapes and environments gives it an abundance of fauna and flora.  Despite being a small country it is large enough to offer plenty of game, with 17 protected areas in which the “Big 5” can be seen.  

Rhino safaris are a firm favourite, whether on-foot or via 4x4 vehicles, this is well worth the experience.  The game parks and nature reserves across the country allows visitors to have a personal wildlife experience within nature with a certain amount of freedom to explore at will.  Most of the parks and reserves offer safari’s on foot, mountain bike or on horseback.  Being at one with nature is the main aim in Swaziland.

Swaziland is also home to over 500 recorded species of bird life, providing plenty of sights for the avid birdwatcher.

Despite being a landlocked country, boat trips and water activities can be done on the rivers and dams/reservoirs dotted around the country.  Tubing and white water rafting are popular activities for tourists, along with fishing.

Swaziland has various sporting facilities including country clubs and golf clubs.  The golf courses are of a high standard with the most popular being the Royal Swazi Spa Golf Club.  The Nkonyeni Golf Estate has an 18-hole golf course which is set in the African bush.

Arts & Crafts

Swaziland has a striking range of traditional arts and crafts with many of its products found in trendy African boutiques around world. Throughout the country men and women are at work creating the finest handicrafts that are so popular with visitors - from stone carvings, glassware to delicate candles and jewellery.  

Cultural Activities

Swaziland has some fascinating cultural activities which preserve and maintain an incredible heritage, which allows visitors to get a better idea of African culture

There are some amazing traditional festivals which the country hosts including the Umhlanga (Reed Dance) and Incwala ceremonies.  The more modern event that has started to gain international acclaim is the Bushfire Festival – a performing arts festival held every May.  Swaziland’s annual calendar is an assortment of traditional and modern events.

Visit Swaziland for an experience of a lifetime.  

For more information on Swaziland,

please see:  www.swaziland-info.co.za